EPSON11880 Resetter

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Product Description

1. Reset original or compatible chip.
2. Can continue to show the ink volume after reseting.
3. When it shows 100%, do not always reset it, otherwise make the chip rocked.
4. When it shows "0"then reset, it is easy to break chip, it is better to reset it when ink 10% left, it is not easy to break chip in this case.

Specifications︰ Suit to the following printer model:
Epson Stylus PRO 11880C /11880/PX2000 wide format printer。
Suit to the following cartridge model:
700 ml Photo Black T591100 ;
700 ml Cyan T591200 ;
700 ml Vivid Magenta T591300;
700 ml Yellow T591400 ;
700 ml Light Cyan T591500;
700 ml Vivid Light Magenta T591600;
700 ml Light Black T591700;
700 ml Matte Black T591800;
700 ml Light Light Black T591900

C13T592980 700ml ;
C13T592880 700ml ;
C13T592780 700ml ;
C13T592680 700ml ;
C13T592580 700ml ;
C13T592480 700ml ;
C13T592380 700ml ;
C13T592280 700ml ;
C13T592180 700ml etc。
Advantages︰ 1. Use it simply and conveniently.
2. Save money and protec enviroment.

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