Hp Designjet Z2100 Continual Ink Supply System-CISS

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50 pc

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Specifications︰ HP CFS Suitable to the following printer:HP Designjet Z2100 and HP Photosmart Pro B9180.
To use in HP Designjet Z2100 Cartridge:LM(C9455)->LC(C9390)->PB(C9449)->LG(C9451)->MB(C9448)->C(C9452)->M(C9453)->Y(C9454).,No. 70.
PK(C9413)->LG(C9414)->MK(C9412)->C(C9415)->M(C9416)->Y(C9417)->LM(C9419)->LC(C9418) ,No. 38.
Advantages︰ 1. No leak ink, no print spot, no block when printing.
2. Refill time after time.
3. Refill simply, conveniently.

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