T10/T11/T13/TX100/TX110/T20/TX200/TX400/TX209/TX210/TX219/T40W/TX600 ARC Chip

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Specifications︰ Suitable for EPSON printer:
T10/T11/T13/T20/T23/T30/TX200/TX400TX209/TX409/T21/T40W/TX210/TX219/TX300F/TX400/TX410/TX600 etc.
Suitable for EPSON cartridge: T0731N/T0732N/T0733N/T0734N.
Advantages︰ 1. Chips have the switch. Chip can be resetted when press the switch. It is not necessary to take out cartridge.
2. Sensor quality is stable.
3. The ARC has the same character as original chip.

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